Proud of Tanzania Foundation (PoTF) - Supporting Orphans and Vulnerable People.




Proud of Tanzania Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization under the NGOs Act No. 24 of 2002 and has its constitution registered on 10th March 2022 by certificate number 00NGO/R/2991 to operate national in Tanzania

Our Office
The Foundation is located at Arusha, a tourist hub of Northern Tanzania national parks. The Foundation is about 15 minutes’ drive or 14 Kilometers from Arusha center. Please feel free to reach us for any assistance by giving better direction on how you could reach us.
Our address
Proud of Tanzania Foundation
P. O. Box 743,
Arusha – Tanzania
Mobile: +255 784 884342 Dr Firmi Banzi



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    Why US?

    We created this foundation to solve challenges facing disadvantaged children after their parents died or don’t have the ability to take care of their children, due to poverty or other reasons related to diseases. So these children for one reason or another have missed care of their parents. The main objective is to close the poverty gap by encouraging, give hope, care, and create opportunity for better life to disadvantaged children who lost their hope.

    Volunteer with Us

    If you are looking to use your talent, education and knowledge to help others join us. Your time, skill and heart can extremely help enlarging opportunities for community development through cross cultural relationships which can transform lives and contributing to a worthy cause.

    Invited groups, companies, clubs, and individuals to volunteer through our foundation. There is an abundance of ways you can volunteer your time to make an impact! Take a look of our volunteer opportunities below. We would love to hear from you! Please feel free to share any other ideas or talents you have. To volunteer you must be at least 18 years old.


    Join with us to provide


    Sustainable health care insurance to disadvantaged orphan children who cannot afford the escalating costs of the medical services


    After basic needs are met, skill based education is perhaps the most important fundamental human right and the key to success of ending poverty for good


    Poverty alleviating based on skill based learning promotes creativity and build capacity for tackling poverty in communities and build sustainable better future lives.

    Why We Need Your Help

    In Tanzania, there are over 4 million children under 14 who are not appropriately cared for. Most of these children are orphans who live on the streets, trying to make a living by begging, stealing, and doing other bad behavior activities such as walking alone or in small groups through the streets of cities, sleeping in house entrances or primitive self-made shelters.

    We believe in the power of collaboration through the global network of colleagues and partners and collective action with a steadfast multitude of hustle, can help to get an urgent humanitarian support. The primary focuses of the foundation is to address critical challenges of disadvantage children on improving access to education, health insurance, supporting economic empowerment and sustainable poverty alleviating initiatives, enhance schools and libraries, preserve environments and promote conservation.