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Solidarity in Solving the Peoples Challenges

Solidarity in Solving the Peoples Challenges

The Foundation works together with orphanage home that provide services to orphans and vulnerable children living in difficult environments in Tanzania. This year the Foundation visited the Kanaan children’s Center located in Kisongo, Arusha. The photos below show the Foundation members donating various foods and soaps to the Center. Kanaan Children’s Center is a home for children orphaned by HIV and AIDS and other children living in difficult circumstances. The Center is owned by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Arusha and shelters about 40 children and serves them with education and health insurance in collaboration with various donors who come forward.

To support Self-sustainability

With limited initial financial resources to support all poor orphans in education and provide them with sustainable health insurance is a big challenge. For this reason, in order for the Foundation to fulfill its dreams, it is involved in some corn and bean farming projects as seen in the picture for practical training for the poor orphans and to get a little money to help people with great needs. The Foundation has also started designing some independent projects to attract future collaboration with development partners inside and outside Tanzania