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Addressing the Challenges in the Poor Community

This poor community honored for your support. A study by the Foundation in the rural areas of Morogoro region in Tanzania discovered a major challenge in the right to basic education and health provided to the poor children. In particular, the village of Kibungo Juu in the Morogoro rural district, children are facing the following challenges: … ü  Students always go to school on bare feet for a very long distance of 25 km from homeü  Students do not use any form of transportation that is convenient (even bicycles) to get to schoolü  Students are not able to buy bags to carry learning materials when going to or from schoolü  The school does not have a shop, kitchen or canteen to prepare food for studentsü  Students do not eat/drink anything for breakfast or lunch at all times when they are at schoolü  Students do not have a chance to get first aid from the hospital if they get sickü  Most of the school buildings are old and in very bad conditionü  Students are using a few old desksü  Some students sit on a dusty floor that has no cement or tilesü  The walls of the classrooms have cracksü  The windows and doors of the classrooms do not have shuttersü  The school does not have lockers to store learning materialsü  The school does not have modern teaching equipment like Computers and its accessories for  teaching and learning they are not available at allü  The school does not have internet connectionsü  The small room available for storing books is old and contains old booksü  The school does not have any laboratory for practical trainingü  The school does not have special education facilities for the deaf, blind and disabled etcü  No teacher trained in special educationü  There are not enough toilets for students and there is no separate toilet for girls needsü  There are no clean water systemsü  There is no electricity installation in the school for evening lessons and preparationü  There is no student dormitory for students who live away from the schoolü  No sports equipment i.e. balls and uniforms for sports and recreational activitiesü  According to this research, the shortage of classrooms in schools that is needed is about 30%However, this school endowed with a land to start independent for small income generating projects if funds become available such as: (i) Production of food crops and horticulture for local market and in town (ii) Breeding of livestock such as chickens, cows, goats, to generate funds to pay for student’s food and help school fees, uniforms, and pocket money of poor families.