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Name of the Organization is Proud of Tanzania Foundation (PoTF). The Organization is registered in Tanzania as a Non profit and Non-Governmental Organization under the NGOs Act No. 24 of 2002 and has its constitution legally registerd with number 00NGO/R/2991 operating in Tanzania and its Head Office located at Kisongo, Arusha, Tanzania.


Thousands of children in urban and rural areas of Tanzania are living below the poverty line: they depend on unplanned risk works such as exploited labour and sex work, carrying goods in local markets and roaming around cities in urban areas begging for financial aid or joining in bad gangs and pickpocketing from the community. In the advanced form some are sold into slavery and have no freedom. As such many children grow up in a violent as normal of life, a picture of despair, sadness and rejection by society. Because orphans do not have adequate care and adult protection so they are at high risk of all forms of child abuse. In many African countries, especially in developing countries, when children lose their parents, they often lose their inheritance rights. These traumatized children suffer from depression, nightmares, loss of self-esteem and are often the source of future aggression. In Tanzania, orphans and vulnerable children are increasing estimated approximately 4 million OVC under 15 for a variety of reasons, including two or one parents who lost their lives from disasters or diseases such as HIV and AIDs or other disasters. Although there are many governmental programs and grants, individuals, communities and non-governmental organizations that provide a range of human services to the OVC, this aid still accounts for only a small percentage of those in need of assistance, especially in rural areas where the majority of the population lives.

Regardless of where these children come from, they have the same rights as other ordinary children to get education, health care, good nutrition, water rights, and all other human rights. Children who are able to access their basic rights grow up to be better independent people who can overcome the cycle of poverty and build capacity for the future and actively participate in shaping society. The responsibility of the community is to ensure that opportunities available for the deprived children to get their rights. The mission Proud of Tanzania Foundation is to support poor Orphans on education and health by assisting in developing skills through self-reliance activities and networking with vocational training, individuals, organization of similar concern and providing sustainable health insurance. The goal is to help children regain hope of their rights to pursue their dreams. Capacity building, networking opportunities and additional support services are removing barriers or provide incentives for getting an education instead of doing jobs that have no future direction to protect them from HIV infection and to escape the bondage of slavery, and to earn a decent childhood. Thus PoTF intend to support the empowerment of social services and increasing the economic potential of affected families and households

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To support poor orphans on education and health by assisting in developing skills through networking with vocational training, individuals, organization of similar concern and providing sustainable health insurance.

Alleviate poverty to Orphans and increase access to a guaranteed health insurance plan and self-reliance activities.

Team work
Environment Friendly
Result Focus.

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Our Objectives:

  1. Promote self-reliance projects
  2. Release Orphans from poverty
  3. Increase youth involvement into community outreach works.
  4. Facilitate access to a guaranteed health insurance services and education linkage
  5. Connection to assured markets, livelihood assets and resources.

Our Core Values:

  1. Commitment;
  2. Respect;
  3. Transparency;
  4. Accountability;
  5. Integrity;
  6. Innovation;
  7. Team work;
  8. Volunteerism;
  9. Quality;
  10. Environment Friendly
  11. Result Focus.